IoT Projects @ the lab.

Our Industry-Academy collaborative projects

Since the creation of the lab, we have been involved in various IoT projects in numerous sectors.

IoT projects in health care (Pic RF._.studioPexels)

IoT project in Healthcare (hospitals/Clinics)

  • RFID 2Bin kanban systems for hospital logistics (low value supplies)
  • Smart shelves for tracking high value goods
  • Management of uniforms (PPE)
  • Tracking critical mobile assets using Real Time Location Systems
  • Using IoT badges to ensure the safety of medical staff
  • Using IoT badges to prevent newborn abduction
  • Occupancy analytics (in progress)
  • Digital twin development for optimizing vaccine distribution (in progress)
IoT projects in Logistics (Pic ELEVATE – Pexels)

IoT projects in logistics

  • Automated truck detection (for yard management)
  • Logistics units tracking (warehouse management)
  • Item level tracking in conveyors (distribution center)
IoT projects in retail (Pic from Artem BeliaikinPexels)

IoT Projects in retail

  • Analysis of customer behaviors (using BLE and LiFi technologies)
  • Analysis of product behaviors (using smart shelves and passive RTLS)
  • Digital twins development for optimizing the usage of fitting rooms
IoT Projects in Manufacturing (Pics from Kateryna Babaieva From Pexels)

IoT Projects in Industry 4.0 / X.0

  • Monitoring production in real time (industrial environment)
  • Tracking critical assets (manufacturing plant)
  • Tracking tools (aerospace industry)
IoT projects in Smart City (Pic from Eva Elijas – Pexels)

IoT Projects in Smart cities

  • Analysis of visitor’s behaviors (tourists at BLE hot spots)
  • Conception/development of a smart bus shelters
  • Collaboration on a project for developing a smart bus stop
  • Recycling management (tracking bins)
  • management of parking spaces