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Presentation of the lab (English)

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Welcome to the Internet of Things Laboratory (IoT) website. This laboratory is a collaborative innovation environment with the goal to develop and share an expertise in IoT.

Our main activities – Applied research projects

  1. Structuring the fuzzy front-end phases of innovative IoT projects – particularly for conception, design and prototyping IoT solutions;
  2. Modeling, developing and running simulation & impact analysis of IoT solutions on organization’s business process performance;
  3. Assessing technical feasibility of IoT solutions & business viability of IoT enabled business models
  4. IoT project support

Sectors of activities

  1. Health care (hospital logistics, PPE management, RTLS mobile assets, personnel safety)
  2. Logistics (automated warehousing, RTLS of inventory, indoor vehicle tracking)
  3. Retail/apparel (customers behavior management, products analytics, store digital twins);
  4. Industrie X.0 (WIP tracking, inventory management, tool tracking, personnel safety)
  5. Smart cities (smart bus shelters, smart bus stops, parking management, recycling behaviors)

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